Oregon Renewable Future visualizes a clean, sustainable, and clean future.


Our organization helps the people in Oregon to stay informed when making decisions, intending to maintain an affordable and adaptable energy system. We take solutions forward to protect public health and the environment, mold the energy transition, and help assess energy needs for future and current generations.


  • We aim to be more welcoming, mindful, and equitable while doing our work.
  • We follow moral principles and perform our duties with integrity.
  • We are responsible and accountable when performing our job and in executing the plans of our organization
  • We think outside the box and provide solutions to address the challenges that the energy sector is facing.
  • We conduct our organization’s practices and methods in an honest and just way.
Oregon Renewable Future will reach its goals by providing Oregonians the following:
  • A Central Storage for Energy Information, Data, and Research. We research, gather, and analyze information and data to provide facts for state planning, program administration, regulation, and policy progress.
  • A Venue to Solve Energy Challenges in Oregon. We assemble to converse about energy challenges, consider different perspectives, and facilitate sharing practices with stakeholders and consumers.
  • Technical Assistance and Energy Education. We offer educational resources, technical assistance, and expert advice to aid local governments, policymakers, energy stakeholders, industries, and the public community to solve energy challenges and achieve climate goals.
  • Energy Programs. We oversee and manage authorized programs to support decarbonization efforts, educate communities, and ultimately save energy.