Sustainability is the Future

Oregon Renewable Future recognizes the role that energy plays to keep a sustainable Oregon. A sustainable state includes developing clean, sustainable, and safe energy sources and utilizing power wisely.

We work diversely, from aiding Oregonians in saving energy at work and home, managing clean-up at the river near Hanford Site, and ensuring that the state is ready to quickly respond to crises at energy establishments. We work with different people, from business people to trading associations, renters to homeowners, and schools to the government. We will cultivate these partnerships and collaborations to achieve the goal of a more sustainable community.

Oregon Renewable Future aims to earn the EarthWise certification awarded by Marion County since it recognizes organizations and businesses in the state that are determined to follow eco-friendly practices. Since the beginning of our organization, we continue to act and make a way to lessen waste, improve recycling, and conserve energy.

Sustainable Initiatives

Our goal is to show Oregon the way to a clean, sustainable, and safe energy future. Our initiatives focus on conserving energy, enhancing energy regulation, and provide capital for renewable energy. Below are some of our programs:

  • Clean-up at the nuclear site in Hanford
  • Increasing adoption of electric vehicles
  • Conserving energy at home
  • Fighting and adapting to climate change
  • Renewable energy in Oregon
  • Energy-efficiency in buildings
  • Energy Scoring at home


Oregon Renewable Future is in partnership with the ISCN (Interagency Sustainability Coordinator Network) and other agencies in the state to report objectives and achievements to the Sustainability Board.