Energy Hotline

You can send your questions regarding energy codes in Oregon Renewable Future’s service channel or the contact information provided on our website’s home page. If it is your first time using our service channel, you need to register or create an account first. Then, you can sign in and complete all the information required. Our staff will reach out to you to answer your question.

Our team offers outreach, training, and technical expertise to construction and building industry experts to increase their understanding of the energy codes applicable in Oregon.

Contact us via our support channel to:

  • Ask general questions related to the energy codes in Oregon.
  • Request training for energy provisions (OEESC or ORSC).

Energy Standards for Appliances and Products

Together with federal and state partners, Oregon Renewable Future helps develop standards to lessen energy consumption while meeting consumer needs.

Oregon Renewable Future collaborates with experts and other states to deliver the Legislature in Oregon with the recommended standards for products and appliances. We work with the ASAP (Appliance Standards Awareness Project) to organize which products certify as federally regulated or not. Oregon may place standards for other products that are not yet federally regulated.

The Executive Order 20-04

The Executive 20-04 was signed by Governor Brown in March 2020, leading state agencies to regulate and reduce greenhouse emissions with a goal to lessen 45% of the 1990 emissions by 2035. Also, the goal is to reach 80% of 1990 levels when 2050 comes.

Additionally, Oregon Renewable Future will play its part in assisting Oregon to reach its emission reduction goals through updating and developing standards for items or products. We seek to create a criteria that is similar to the most strict standards of the jurisdictions in the West Coast. We are also committed to updating these standards regularly to maintain their accuracy and firmness.