Reducing Cost for Solar Energy

The installation of solar energy in the U.S. is continually rising. As the price of solar panel installation drops, more businesses and homes are benefiting from solar electricity. Despite that, solar energy in Oregon still needs to reach “grid parity.” Parity is achieved when solar power can produce energy equal to the price of buying an equal amount of electricity from the grid.

Though Oregon only has cheap electric rates and little sun exposure, it remains a good place for solar installations. There are several solar incentives in Oregon because of its solid net metering contract, its federal tax credit, and incentives provided by the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Average Price of Solar Power

The average price for residential solar installation in Oregon is about $11,118 after receiving the 26% tax credit. In terms of watts, that is $2.50/watt. However, take note that prices may be different in some parts of Oregon.

The Worth of Solar Panels in Oregon

In the past decade, the price of solar panels has significantly fallen by over 80%. Last year, the government-supported solar panels through net metering agreements and tax credit, making them a great investment. These devices provide a return that is over the long-term recovery from property investment and the market share.

Moreover, those who install solar panels in Oregon will harbor significant savings as they level the payment amount for every kilowatt-hour of power they use in the next 20 years with or without photovoltaic panels.

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