The Solar Dashboard

The Solar Dashboard was created to share data about solar facilities in Oregon. Solar energy establishments are classified by installation date, system size, and sector (utility, commercial, or residential). Commercial and Residential sector establishments mainly involve roof-mounted installations linked via net metering contracts. Utility sector establishments are usually ground-mounted and larger and sell their output straight to an organization.

The Project Details

Oregon Renewable Future developed The Solar Dashboard in collaboration with community partners, the solar industry, and regional utilities. With the help of the United States Department of energy, the work pushed through. Moreover, the project involves partners from Washington as well. The following organizations supported this project through design support and data sharing:

  • Ashland Municipal Electric Utility
  • Energy Trust of Oregon
  • EWEB (Eugene Water and Electric Board)
  • Idaho Power
  • Northwest Power and Conservation Council
  • Pacific Power
  • PGE (Portland General Electric)
  • Renewable Northwest
  • (SEIA) Solar Energy Industries Association

The Database

The database created to support the dashboard continues to be developed. For that reason, several data scopes are still unavailable for facilities. For example, the majority of commercial and residential solar establishments show DC (Direct Current) PV module capacity, while most utility facilities base on AC (Alternating Current) inverter capacity.

Aside from periodic updates that reflect new installations, Oregon Renewable Future seeks to boost the completeness and credibility of information for ongoing projects. As we strive to improve databases, we seek new partners and think of ways to bring value to the database and dashboard for our stakeholders.

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