The Self-Direct Program

Electric consumer locations that use 8,760,000 kWh or more in the past year can be qualified for the Self-Direct Program or LECPPP (Large Electric Consumer Public Purpose Program, allowing the self-direction of renewable portions and the conservation instead of paying directly to a utility.

How Does It Work?

Oregon Renewable Future examines applications and warrants sites that satisfy the eligibility criteria of becoming Self-Direct consumers. Validated sites may submit renewable and conservation project applications to Oregon Renewable Future through the LECPP website. Our staff will check applications and pre-validate eligible renewable or conservation project applications.

Then, sites can spend their funds to construct pre-certified projects. After completing the project, they can send an application to be credited by Oregon Renewable Future. We check and warrant the project costs, including a small charge paid to us for program management. Then, certified project expenses are supplemented to the renewable or conservation credit balance. Note that these credits continue without expiring.

Sites can offset their monthly renewable and conservation segment of the purpose charge for each month that a location has a renewable and conservation credit balance. That means they are free from paying the utility portion. The remaining balance is deducted by the renewable and conservation amount every month. Green Tags and Certified projects for conservation, also referred to as RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates), raise the site merit. On the other hand, monthly offsets decrease them.

Consumers utilizing the program can validate or certify projects and sites using an online database.

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